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Violent Crimes


Violent Crimes

With the high stakes involved with any criminal charge, you need an experienced criminal trial attorney by your side. Attorney Shannon Drehner brings her years of experience as a chief felony prosecutor to defend you when you need it most. Don’t wait; contact us today.

Houston Violent Crime Defense Attorney

Experienced Former Chief Felony Prosecutor in Harris County

Violent crimes involve physical force, threats of imminent harm, serious bodily injury, or even the loss of life, as well as deadly or dangerous weapons, premeditation, planning, extreme emotional disturbance, and indifference to the value of human life. Since these offenses result in harm to human life, they are aggressively pursued by law enforcement. Prosecutors and judges will spare no effort or expense in seeking the maximum punishment. If you are convicted of a violent crime in Houston, you will likely face jail or prison time, fines, probation, and a future with the hindrance of a permanent criminal record.

To fully protect your constitutional rights and to mount an effective defense, you will need the legal representation of an experienced violent crime defense lawyer in Houston. At Drehner Law, your case can be competently handled by a seasoned trial lawyer who has an extensive background as a former chief felony prosecutor and special crimes prosecutor in Harris County. Attorney Shannon Drehner fully understands how the court will work against you and can use that knowledge in countering back. She has been a prosecutor for 12 years and has handled capital murder cases.

Accused of a violent crime? Book your free initial consultation with our Houston violent crimes defense attorney online or by calling us at 832-626-0063.

Violent Crimes in Texas

Violent crimes involve many different scenarios and can be committed through the use of deadly weapons, intimidation, and actual physical violence inflicted upon another person.

In Texas, these crimes can include:

  • Assault – The attempt or causation of physical injury against someone
  • Aggravated assault – This offense involves serious physical injury is caused or a deadly weapon is used against another
  • Robbery and aggravated robbery – Robbery occurs when harm is cause through intent or recklessness while attempting a theft; in aggravated cases a deadly weapon is used
  • Carjacking – Where a deadly weapon is used against someone (whether through threat or otherwise) to steal a vehicle
  • Kidnapping – The abduction of another against his or her will for criminal purposes
  • Domestic or family violence – Criminal misconduct directed at an intimate partner, household or family member
  • Homicide – The killing of another whether through murder or manslaughter
  • Home invasion – Unlawful entry into a domestic dwelling for the purpose of committing a theft or other felony
  • Gang-related crimes – Offenses such a homicide, assault, or vandalism involving gang members.
  • Arson – Deliberately setting fire to property

Few crimes have the capacity to drastically change your life as much as the conviction of a violent crime, which is why you need a violent crimes defense attorney in Houston. How you are charged and the punishments handed down will depend on the type of crime, whether a weapon was used, whether serious injury or death was caused, and the relationship you had with the alleged victim. However, most violent crimes will be charged as felonies with the most severe being a capital felony punishable by life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Collateral damage to your life will also follow a violent crime conviction. These can include problems securing educational opportunities or aid, limitations on gaining jobs or professional licenses, visa and citizenship difficulties for noncitizens, and potential problems with child custody or visitation.

In cases where you have two or more previous felony convictions, you may face the prospect of being labeled a habitual offender. As a habitual offender, you will face enhanced sentencing, maximum fines, and less chance of early release or probation.

Violent Crime Lawyer in Harris County, TX

Our attorney has extensive experience in violent crime litigation. Shannon Drehner was a chief prosecutor in the Organized Crime Division working side by side with homicide and robbery detectives. She tried violent crime cases from assaults to capital murders.

We know that clients charged with these cases will face aggressive prosecutors. The consequences of a violent crimes allegation could mean you lose your job, reputation, important relationships, and your freedom. In allegations of violence, it’s important to look at the facts because details matter. We know the difference between a well-investigated case and one where shortcuts are taken. When inexperience, an overburdened system, and sheer laziness come together, criminal charges of violence can result that are without merit or exaggerated. Our firm knows how to fight back against exaggerated or false claims of violence.

With so much at stake, you need an attorney who can investigate the claims against you. If the charges progress, you need an attorney who has the experience, skill, and tenacity to get the best result possible. Our Houston violent crimes defense attorney fulfills all these requirements.

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