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Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston


Providing High Quality and Aggressive Legal Representation Against Criminal Charges

Individuals charged with a criminal offense often feel frightened and uncertain about what they can do or where they can turn for help. The Texas criminal justice system was not meant to be handled without legal assistance by those charged with offenses.

Instead, anyone arrested and charged with a crime must hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can fight to protect their freedom and future. Even a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor can haunt an individual for the rest of their lives, leaving them with a permanent criminal record.

Furthermore, individuals convicted of felonies can suffer even more severe consequences and prevent them from being able to achieve many of their life goals. For example, a felony conviction can prohibit individuals from legally owning firearms, obtaining professional licenses, limiting eligibility for student loans, or securing affordable housing.

For these reasons, if you have been charged with a crime, you must hire a criminal defense attorney who can provide you with aggressive legal representation. Failing to obtain a well-trained criminal defense attorney could result in your spending time in jail and having to pay significant fines.

Contact Drehner Law of Houston, TX, and ask to schedule a free consultation so that we may discuss your case and determine what legal strategies may be available.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The criminal justice system can be overly complex and confusing for anyone who lacks legal training. However, hiring a criminal defense attorney can help defendants level the playing field and provide considerable advantages.

Many individuals initially make the mistake of believing they can handle their defense, only to find out they are in over their heads. Instead, hiring a lawyer immediately after being charged with a crime is always best.

Some of the most considerable advantages of hiring a criminal defense attorney include:

  • Knowledge of the criminal justice system: A defense attorney has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, such as how to file motions, obtain evidence, and understand legal paperwork.
  • Prior experience with prosecutors and judges: An experienced defense lawyer typically has had prior interactions with prosecutors and judges who play a role in the cases they defend. This prior knowledge can help defense attorneys determine how to build their legal strategies on a case-by-case basis.
  • Access to legal resources: A defense attorney has the needed resources to collect vital evidence, interview or cross-examine witnesses, and determine weak points in the prosecution’s case.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution: Many people are unaware that most criminal cases are settled through plea negotiations with the prosecution. A highly skilled attorney can often have a defendant’s charges reduced or possibly dismissed as they work alongside prosecutors to obtain favorable client results.
  • Save valuable time and financial resources: Many defendants believe they will save money if they defend themselves against their charges. However, without legal training, individuals can make serious errors that could result in stiff penalties or fines. A defense lawyer knows how to protect an individual’s rights and speed up the legal process so clients can resume their lives.

Assault & Battery: Assault and battery are serious crimes in Texas and could land you in jail or be forced to pay stiff fines. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your legal rights. Allow our law firm to help you fight to protect your freedom.

Domestic Violence: A domestic violence charge and subsequent conviction can lead to serious consequences for defendants. Our law firm has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to win cases. Our law office offers free, confidential consultations to help you understand your legal options.

Homicide: If you have been charged with any crime that falls under homicide crimes, such as murder or manslaughter, you need an attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights. Our criminal defense attorney is well-qualified to handle any type of homicide-related case. We can provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options.

Intoxication Assault Defense: If you have been charged with assault but you were under the influence at the time, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. Intoxication assault defense can be challenging, and you will need an attorney who can mount a vigorous defense on your behalf. Allow our law firm to help you assert your rights and defend against charges.

Drug Crimes Defense: Texas has some of the most stringent penalties for those convicted of drug offenses. Therefore, you will need a defense attorney who is fearless when it comes to standing up for your rights. Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation.

Sex Crimes: A sex crime conviction can negatively change your life forever. You must have an attorney who will work aggressively to defend your reputation. Our law office offers free, confidential consultations to individuals who are dealing with sex crime charges.

Child Sexual Assault Defense: If you are convicted of a sex crime against a child, you could face years in prison and be forever labeled as a sex offender. You need an aggressive defense lawyer on your side to protect your freedom and reputation. Contact our law office to learn more about our legal services.

Manslaughter Defense: A manslaughter charge falls under homicide in Texas and could land you in prison for 2 to 20 years and a steep fine. As a result, you must hire a defense attorney who can aggressively defend your case. Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation.

Federal Defense: If you have been charged with a federal crime, you must hire a defense attorney qualified to try cases in Federal Court. Our criminal defense attorney is well-qualified to handle federal cases. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Aggravated Assault Defense: Aggravated assault is a severe crime under Texas law. You could be sentenced to significant jail or prison time. However, our criminal defense attorney can fight aggressively to protect your freedom.