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With the high stakes involved with any criminal charge, you need an experienced criminal trial attorney by your side. Attorney Shannon Drehner brings her years of experience as a chief felony prosecutor to defend you when you need it most. Don’t wait; contact us today.

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Expungement—commonly known as expunction in Texas—refers to the process of clearing a prior arrest or verdict. This gives you the right to legally deny you were arrested or convicted. In addition, potential employers won’t find the arrest or conviction during background checks. This is important because a criminal record can prevent you from finding a job, obtaining credit, or owning a gun. Contacting our Houston expungement lawyer will help you determine whether you’re eligible for an expungement in Texas.

A petition for non-disclosure works in a similar fashion. An order of nondisclosure in Texas prohibits police departments and clerk’s offices from disclosing certain criminal records. This means that private groups and individuals cannot access a previous criminal record. However, a wide range of government agencies and licensing boards may still have access to criminal records.

The Houston expungement attorney at The Law Office of Shannon Drehner can help you determine whether you can apply for an expungement in Houston or a petition for non-disclosure. There are situations where it is granted after meeting certain requirements. Other times, it is the judge’s decision. As a chief prosecutor, Attorney Shannon Drehner made recommendations to the judge as to whether the granting of petitions for nondisclosure or expunctions was appropriate. If you need an expungement or a petition for non-disclosure, you need a Houston expungement lawyer with experience to guide you through the process. Someone who will help get you the fresh new start you deserve.

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Eligibility for Record Expungement in Texas

According to Texas law, there are several different situations that make you eligible to expunge your criminal record in Houston. You may qualify for expunction if you were arrested for either a misdemeanor or felony offense.

The following are the conditions that make you eligible for expunction in Texas:

  • You were arrested but never formally charged
  • You were arrested and charged with a crime, but your case was ultimately dismissed
  • You were acquitted
  • You were convicted but later found to be innocent
  • You were convicted but later pardoned

Remember, there are specific waiting periods that apply to expunction if you were arrested but never charged with a crime. For Class C misdemeanors, you must wait 180 days from the date of the arrest to file for expunction. For Class A or B misdemeanors, you must wait one year. For felony offenses, you must wait three years.

If you were acquitted or convicted but later found innocent or pardoned, the waiting periods above do not apply.

Eligibility for an Order of Nondisclosure in Texas

If you are not eligible for an expunction in Houston, Texas, you may still qualify for an order of nondisclosure. If entered a guilty or no-contest plea to a crime and have successfully finished deferred adjudication, you must wait two years if you were charged with a serious misdemeanor or five years if you were charged with a felony. However, if a misdemeanor charge was only punishable by a fine, the waiting period does not apply.

The following are specific crimes that are not eligible for a nondisclosure order:

  • Homicide/murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Aggravated kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Domestic violence
  • The offense resulted in a child, elderly person, or disabled person suffering an injury
  • The offense requires sex offender registration

You can file a petition for either expunction or nondisclosure in the district court for the county where you had been arrested.

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