Case Results

  • Case Dismissed “Responsible” Finding of Title IX Sexual Assault Violation reversed-No Sanctions

    Client found to have violated university’s sexual assault policy after the law school’s Title IX office conducted an investigation. After a hearing challenging the veracity of the complainant’s allegations, the hearing panel reversed the law’s school’s original finding.

  • Case Dismissed Aggravated Assault Family Member

    Client charged with brandishing a knife after she got into an argument with her brother.

  • Case Dismissed Assault Family Member Impeding Breathing

    Client charged with choking his common law wife during the course of an argument.

  • Title IX Violation and Suspension Reversed Title IX Stalking Allegation

    Client found to have violated university’s stalking policy and a year-long suspension was imposed. Client hired us to challenge the university’s findings. After a hearing challenging the university’s evidence, the university reversed it’s original finding and suspension. Record of Stalking allegation was removed from client’s academic record.

  • Case Dismissed Indecency with a Child

    Client is divorced and shares custody of his young children. After a visit with his children, client is accused of touching his 4-year-old daughter while she slept.

  • Case Dismissed Attempted Sexual Assault

    College football player charged with attempted sexual assault for attempting to have sex with the complainant while she was incapacitated by alcohol. 

  • Case No Billed by a Grand Jury Criminally Negligent Homicide

    Client charged in the drowning death of her 14-month old daughter. Client admitted to investigators that she left her daughter unattended in a bath while she attempted to complete chores around the apartment. Client’s son claimed client was on the phone at the time. Police decide to pursue the felony charge of criminally negligent homicide for the accidental drowning death. A grand jury packet was put together in order to convince the members of the grand jury that this incident was a tragic accident and not a criminal act.

  • No Action Taken by the University Title IX Sexual Harassment Allegation

    Title IX investigation initiated when former student made an allegation of a non-consensual sexual touching against client, who is a professor. Client faced both a criminal and title IX investigation. Shannon Drehner guided client through both the criminal and title 9 investigation. As a result, both investigations were closed without charges.

  • Case No Billed by a Grand Jury Sexual Assault

    Client is a high school senior charged with sexual assault after complainant claimed that a consensual sexual encounter on Homecoming night amounted to a sexual assault. A grand jury packet was put together to convince the grand jury that the complainant’s allegations against client were false.

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